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KORI Youth Charity is a youth-centred organisation that has been committed to supporting and developing the skills and confidence of young people for over two decades. Through various programmes, KORI enables and inspires the next generation in their chosen fields, supporting them to make a lasting impact in their communities.



Not My Label

Not My Label assists young people in the ‘middle of the classroom’ who are quietly surviving, but not thriving. Emphasising the benefit of building social networks, and improving interpersonal skills, helping participants access support and engage in new activities.


Blooming Minds

Blooming Minds scaffolds underrepresented
young people, who lack career networks and connections, with professionals across various industries. By enabling re-engagement in education, training, and workshops, fostering confidence and resilience in the workplace.
The programmes mentoring and industry career labs help young people create a clear future pathway.


Vessel UK

Since 2004, The Vessel UK has facilitated confidence building for young people through global learning. The programme dynamically provides training, support, structure, and the experience of working in a diverse team. By building socially responsible, sustainable projects, it shares requested skills with African partner organisations.

Our Impact

Our work in the UK

Initially based in Haringey and working across London, we draw on the experiences and skills we have gained from two decades of excellence in youth work delivery. Inspiring and supporting urban youth development, we believe in broadening the experience and understanding of London’s young people by connecting them to their contemporaries in other cities and the British countryside.

Our work in Africa

Our Vessel UK Programme is now 19 years old, training UK individuals and organisations to deliver relevant, ethical and sustainable projects across countries and regions in Africa.


We partner with individuals and organisations who share our commitment to creating lasting change for young people and their communities. With these long-term collaborations having proved very successful, we are always open to new opportunities for mutually rewarding ventures.

Word from the Founder

KORI was born out of the alarming need for more dynamic prevention work, rooted in youth work pedagogy, built upon with research, learning
partnerships and creative practice.
21 years ago, I made the decision to stop critiquing services that worked
with children and young people and instead use my own learning,
creativity and lived experience to create an organisation that would leave
a positive indelible footprint.
Working as an artist in schools, prisons and mental health services graphically exposed me to the negative stats and experiences impacting the futures of many African Caribbean and marginalised young people across London.
We have contributed to changing the negative narrative surrounding thousands of young people over two decades, working with them closely until they are ready to fly. It would be great to envision a future where this work is no longer needed. I choose instead to focus on increasing our partnerships, capacity, impact, and learning.

Odiri Ighamre | Founder & CEO

Word from a Parent

My son has been given amazing opportunities and experiences through Kori Youth Charity – mentoring, camps, trips, sailing, cooking, well-being programmes & an understanding of other cultures. All with a common theme – a place to talk, listen and learn.

He is always keen to attend Kori sessions, always a clear indicator of how much he enjoys them. I believe it has contributed to an increase in his confidence & self-esteem.

The Leaderships passion and commitment is remarkable and inspiring. This obviously filters through the remarkable team as they, like her, are supportive, encouraging, and continue to listen & take the time to know and understand my young person.

It is absolutely essential that young people have access to organisations like Kori. I know no other youth charity like them.

Harry’s Mum | Parent

Word from Young Person

I have always been in youth groups; my mum was a youth group leader. But I got out of it because I aged out of the organisation I was in and couldn’t find youth groups that worked with my own age range. I was doing okay but had just changed schools and wanted to be around people my age – I wasn’t at my lowest but my mental health also wasn’t the best.

(Being at Kori) Going to Kent on the first residential and being out of London, seeing different things.

It was the first time going out with this group, it was nice! And it was a needed pause from everything I had going on at home. It really helped my mental health – I needed a moment to breathe and not focus on what was going on, it kept me calm, kept me sane and got me out of a place I had been stuck in for a while.

Being around people who have not been out of the city before and getting to see how they enjoyed it – meeting new people was really fun.

Whether you are someone who grew up in the suburbs or had it easy or you grew up in a rough area – being around kids your age and adults who care about your wellbeing, who want you to succeed and want you to thrive – we need this space.

Space to be a kid, to learn about new things that you may not learn about in school – like the financial literacy workshop or having the thanksgiving dinner cooking workshop – being in a space to share what you are grateful for – and being able to be loud about being grateful some people to don’t get to do that – so I thought it was really cool.

Kiyah-Marie Millar | Participant

Our Team

Odiri Ighamre | Founder & CEO

Sagan Daniels | Programmes Director

Laurie Fitzgerald | Programme Manager

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