Blooming Minds

What is Blooming Minds?

Blooming Minds connects underrepresented young people with professionals from diverse industries. It is where young people learn essential tools and professional skills to support them in their career pathways and adult life. Through customised education, training and workshops our programmes help young people build the confidence and resilience they will need at work gearing them up to access opportunities and build their networks. Our mentorship programme and career labs help young minds clear pathways to their future  and bloom into leaders within their chosen fields.

We have a growing group of diverse partners that believe in working with us to invest in young futures, including Mott Macdonald, Rinova, and Akamai Technology. We collaborate with our parent ships to create inclusive and accessible Industry Career labs and career clinics.

Blooming Minds Provides:

  • Industry Mentoring
  • Industry Career Labs
  • Career conversations
  • Career clinics
  • Work experience and training pathways

Who is Blooming Minds for?

At KORI, our primary emphasis is on young individuals who may find themselves isolated or vulnerable due to a lack of financial support, compassionate guidance, and access to opportunities essential for their transition into adulthood. This includes young carers, refugees, looked-after young people, and those confronting significant challenges during their formative years. Through our tailored interventions, we aim to offer positive experiences that empower them to break free from the adverse effects of disadvantaged circumstances, fostering an overall improvement in their general well-being.

Blooming Mind’s Mentoring

At KORI, our bespoke mentoring is tailored to the unique needs of each person, extending for a duration of up to 18 months. Through this transformative journey, mentees not only cultivate a profound understanding of their personal needs and motivations but also overcome challenges, propelling them towards progress in their lives. For those who choose to volunteer with us, whether as individuals, organisations, or companies, engaging in a mentoring capacity becomes a reciprocal experience. The process not only contributes to the mentee’s growth but also enriches the learning and values of our dedicated volunteers. It’s a shared journey of empowerment and mutual development.