Why get involved?

Our network of BAME young people aged 14 to 30 years has so much to offer businesses. By working with organisations that support young people’s involvement to help them prepare for successful futures, we develop both the individual and professional skills of corporate employees. As a corporate volunteer, you can maximise your positive impact and develop your global learning.

Through mentoring and providing access to career learning and opportunities, we believe corporates can change and empower our young people’s lives. Corporate mentors support and strengthen the learning of young people through industry insight days, work experience and internships.

We enable corporates to benefit from achieving meaningful community impact and engagement. Through our Vessel UK programme, for example, corporate teams can develop their skills and teamwork by delivering projects for our partner, The Daughters of Africa Foundation, in Tanzania, Kenya and The Gambia.

By volunteering with us, corporate teams gain both individual and team growth and professional development; a hands-on understanding of global needs; and the rewards of positively impacting and supporting communities across Africa.


As a corporate volunteer, you can help empower future leaders. Our close relationships with young people, including mentoring as they access opportunities, ensure that you will be working with young people who are well supported should any issues arise.

We are committed to making a positive impact. You can be that impact by, for example, managing young BAME people through two-week work experience opportunities or internships, and feeding back on their progress and experience.

Becoming a corporate volunteer with us enables you to drive meaningful change. From being a corporate team delivering Vessel UK projects for The Daughters of Africa Foundation in Africa, to sponsoring young people to join the journey of learning, you can make a massive difference.

Case studies

Vessel UK Solar Installation

Architectural Lighting Engineer, Kerem Asfuroglu delivered his Vessel UK project in 2018. Having received Vessel UK Training that made sure he could use his professional skills to provide a relevant project that raised the employment skills of local Gambian electricians

Business Now Project Zaira Rasool

Vessel UK leader Zaira Rasool delivered her project ‘Business Now’ in The Gambia in 2018. The project focused on developing the skills and capacity of Gambians that were already leading small local businesses.

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