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Frequently Asked Questions

A:KORI stands for ‘Building stronger foundations for youth’. Through vibrant, compassionate engagement, actively challenging neglect and prioritising the well-being of young lives.

A:We serve young people from predominantly black, and minority ethnic communities aged 14 -30 years from across London. Working to support those in vulnerable positions, including those: struggling with education, training, or employment; young people who have left care, or who care for relatives with health conditions, young people who are parents or come from refugee or recent citizen backgrounds ; and those who are in social situations that put their futures at risk. The mindset cultivated includes readiness for positive change, a desire for personal growth, and an appreciation for a nurturing, non-judgmental environment.

A:Staff alumni at KORI undergo personal and professional growth, evolving into advocates for other young people. The mindset involves resilience, commitment to development, and a desire to positively contribute to the community.

A:KORI employs a 'surround sound' approach in our youth work, ensuring connection without isolation.
The focus is on trust, feeling connected to staff, and meaningful connections during vulnerable moments.
We also signpost to other organisations within our network who may offer different support to us, but this is always done whilst maintaining regular check-ins with the young person.

A:Donors and partners at KORI seek authentic collaborations rooted in community impact. They value integrity, authenticity, and KORI's role as a pipeline to underserved communities, fostering a commitment to social impact and community connections.
A:Safeguarding: KORI assures parents of a safe, supportive, and valuable resource. Safety, active involvement in a child's life, and a non-judgmental environment are prioritised. When a young person is referred to KORI our Safeguarding lead and programme Manager will speak with and begin to build a relationship with any parent/guardian to ensure that both they and their young person feel safe with us. We also provide parents/guardians with regular check-ins on how their young person is participating in the service, sharing photos and key achievements of their young person.

A:KORI challenges assumptions about its relationship with money. We emphasise a commitment to ethical principles, and always aim to accept funding and donations from organisations that are working towards our values.

A:KORI is dedicated to building a stronger foundation for every individual. Participants leave with a sense of trust, care, and diligent engagement, ready to move forward in their journey.