Internship at KORI

Internship at KORI

Ujwala Ponduru
Internship at KORI

I have always been interested in humanitarian subjects. Thus, I graduated in the field of Political science and History from Delhi University, India. To enhance my knowledge in this field I am also further studying for a Masters in International Security and conflict studies at Dublin City University, Ireland. During studies I had also completed a foundation course in Human Rights, Gender and Environment. During my student life I have been really invested in volunteering for social causes to prepare for my journey in working in non-profit and non-governmental organisations.

I feel I am a dedicated and insightful person with some experience in fundraising and volunteer management. I have experience of working in small to medium sized organisations covering a wide range of income streams. I now have a breadth of experience of different fundraising channels. I have worked to create impact in my various work places that have ranged from community development to customer sales. I plan to continue working for social causes through not for profit organisations and charities. I believed that taking this current internship with KORI Youth Charity has helped me to achieve more confidence in this career path that I have chosen and given me a better sense of the needed professionalism.

I am fortunate to have gained this three month opportunity to intern with KORI. I was really delighted as most of the internship duties specified perfectly matched my interests. Also, I have a huge respect for KORI’s vision  and the programmes that it delivers and I have been honoured to gain a glimpse of how it operates as an organisation. My role so far has involved researching fundraising opportunities and writing grant applications to charitable trusts or statutory bodies, managing and recording information and and participating in on-line projects.

Through this internship I not only add to my skills and passion for social causes but I am also able to put my knowledge into action and I have really valued the hands-on experience of learning in a professional setting. I have been able to acquire new skills that are shaping me in this field. I totally recommend interning with KORI if you are passionate about social work and looking to make a career in a not for profit organisation, It would help you to gain first hand experience of working in the real world. 

By Ujwala Ponduru

Tags: Higher education, University, Volunteering, Human Rights, Non-profit.

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