What is it?

KYAN is our youth advocacy programme that provides a proactive platform for the support and advancement of predominantly black and minority ethnic young people.

Who's it for?

KYAN is specifically for young people aged 14 to 30 years old, living across London.


Designed to support young people facing social disadvantages in London, KYAN builds these individuals’ social capital. Led by young people in KORI, it provides a clear pathway for sharing opportunities of our projects, training, work experience placements, paid work, and volunteering. We enable personal growth through experiences that add positive value to both participants’ present and their futures.
Participants can also access short respite trips out of London and quick referrals to affordable counselling.

Case studies



Coming to the end of college and really interested in architecture but unclear about what it entailed, Noah was unsure whether he should commit to the seven years that architectural study would demand. Most of all, he needed to know that he would enjoy this career. KYAN made it simple to reach out for a referral to an industry day with an architect, giving Noah experience of real field work and the opportunity to put his questions to professional architects. We also enabled Noah to visit the University of West England, Bristol. He spent a day in class learning with a third-year student, who talked him through the different types of architectural courses available. Armed with this knowledge and hands-on experience, Noah happily applied with new clarity to do architecture at three universities. Grades permitting, he has gained acceptance by all three.



Studying business at Westminster Kingsway, Samuel was determined to become a successful accountant at the end of college. Not keen on the university option, he was looking for an apprenticeship. But good ones were really difficult to find. As part of KYAN, he was able to access a reference from and direct referral to Moracle Chartered Accountants. After an interview, he was warmly invited to join them for ongoing weekly work experience. When he has finished college, Samuel is set to begin his accountancy apprenticeship with immediate effect.

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