Meet our People

Our staff

At KORI Youth Charity, our dedicated staff team is committed to empowering young individuals to reach their full potential. With a range of backgrounds and expertise, we work tirelessly to provide guidance and support that fosters growth and success in every young person we serve.

For over three decades Odiri Ighamre has worked both nationally and internationally as an educator and storyteller in schools, prisons, museums, mental health hospitals and a range of organisations. Her background in Social Pedagogy, youth and community development has led to her training youth workers across the UK and Africa. She has led the development of KORI since 2002.

Odiri Ighamre

Founder & CEO

Sagan first joined KORI after his time at drama school, where he was trained in the dramatic arts, theatre, film, radio, writing and directing. Sagan joined England Rugby through Saracens for over 15 years before returning to KORI. Sagan is also the founder of the Rugby Blacklist - an initiative that seeks to amplify the contribution of Black people in Rugby.

Sagan Daniels

Programmes Director

Laurie has first-hand experience of the life changing personal and professional development that KORI offers young people, being involved with KORI since joining the charity at 9 years old. She now oversees our team of Youth Workers to deliver KORI's activities across all three programmes. The same workshops, training and camping trips she went to as a child, she now manages for the next generation of young people.

Laurie Fitzgerald

Programme Manager

Inspired by their time in KORI as a child, they took on their first youth work role at an inclusion unit at 17 years old. A few years later they came full circle and returned to KORI as a member of staff, helping with the launch of KORI’s first physical space back in 2011. As Lead Youth Worker for KORI, they are focused on continuing KORI’s legacy helping facilitate the realisation of young people’s potential.

Ebru Edgeworth

Youth Work Manager

Rahwa joined KORI Youth 2 years ago as a participant and since then they have grown within the organisation to become a member of the team. With a background i Health & social care and a passion for community engagement, Rahwa brings a unique perspective to their role. Rahwa’s own experiences fuel their commitment to helping young people overcome obstacles they once felt impossible to overcome.

Rahwa Isayas Solomon

Outreach Youth Worker

Natasha has worked in the charity sector for over twenty years. Starting as an Event Organiser Natasha often found herself doubling as the technician. She officially stepped into IT fifteen years ago and hasn't looked back since. As a self-confessed nerd Natasha will dabble in anything IT and she has a desire to see young people thrive and loves to share her skills.

Natasha Din-Gabisi

Database Administrator

For the past 15 years Roman Rosso has worked within the social sector, in the UK and across Europe. His focus has been facilitating intercultural, intergenerational, and inter-ability education through international training and youth exchanges. At KORI he is working across a number of operational areas as part of KORI’s goal to increase capacity while ensuring sustainability.

Roman Rosso

Resources Manager

Our trustees

At KORI Youth Charity, our trustees bring a unique blend of experience and passion, including individuals who were once young participants themselves. With a shared commitment to our mission, they provide invaluable guidance and strategic leadership, ensuring that every decision reflects our dedication to empowering the next generation.

With over 35 years of experience as an Independent Financial Advisor, Demitirus helps clients achieve their personal and business-related goals. In 2011, he joined Kori as a Youth Mentor. His work at Kori has further developed into a strategic role, including networking to promote and develop professional partnerships and in 2023 becoming Chair of Trustees. He has a keen interest in life, travel, music and sport.

Demitrius Nurse

Chair of the Board

Keith is a change analyst at Grayce with professional qualifications in project management. Keith is a passionate believer that true Pan Africanism can be achieved by creating links between the diaspora and the continent. This has led to Keith being the Kori trustee responsible for the 'Vessel UK' program, and the self-sustaining projects delivered within Africa by young adults within the UK.

Keith Asante

Samuel is a entrepreneurial leader with a track record of spearheading high growth start-ups. Samuel was instrumental in the growth of UNILAD from a bedroom start-up to senior leadership of the most engaged social publisher in the world within 4 years. Known for fostering innovation, he possesses the operational and commercial acumen combined with the creativity needed to bring a vision to life.

Samuel Asante Regan

Natalie Mitchell is trustee of Kori. She has spent 15 years in the private sector, private equity and investment banking, and also a year in the third sector where she was on the senior management team of a UK-wide social mobility charity. She has a passion for supporting young people, particularly around connecting them with opportunities in the world of work.

Natalie Mitchell

Pharrell Thelwell has been involved with KORI for over 10 years, joining when he was 9, after his mother discovered Kori. He is now one of Kori Youth Trustees working with the financial team and alongside our treasurer, making sure that finances are recorded and kept up to date, also helping our accountants regarding our finances. Outside of Kori, Pharrell is on his journey to becoming a qualified accountant.

Pharell Thelwell


Lydia has been involved with KORI for over 7 years, beginning her journey with us as a volunteer fundraiser and running the weekly homework club. She became a trustee in 2017, supporting fundraising and organisational strategy. Outside of her work and volunteer work for charities, Lydia is a proud Londoner with interests in the arts, travel and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Lydia Rose Scott

With over 12 years of experience in finance and operations management, and involvement with youth mentorship teams, Althea brings a wealth of expertise to KORI. She is deeply inspired by Kori's dedication to supporting disengaged and stigmatised young people. Central to their passion is the belief that dedicated educators and mentors can positively shape the lives of young people.

Althea Clarke