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KORI works in the dynamic environment that is London, supporting BAME young people and their communities to navigate their lives successfully. We aim to share stories of interest giving stakeholders an insight to our work.
Who's in charge
Odiri Ighamre

Who's in charge?

Our young people tell us sexual harassment in schools is being mainly ignored by school authorities, leaving them vulnerable and traumatised. We gathered some facts on this prolific problem.
Odiri Ighamre

Blooming Minds Impact Report

Post Pandemic we created the ‘Blooming Minds’ pilot project, to focus some active care, support, and respite on a wonderful group of 14–17-year-olds.
Mental health image
Ella Ross

Mental Health Post-Covid

19-year-old Ella explores young people and their experience of mental health post-covid
Diago project
Odiri Ighamre

The Diago Project

The Vessel UK Programme worked with the University of West England, Bristol this year. Supporting their students in the delivery of yet another Daigo Project. This time it was delivered digitally! 
Odiri Ighamre

Connecting our young people through global conversations

The Youth Bridges virtual project began during the worldwide pandemic of 2020 to connect young people across borders at a time of heightened anxiety and isolation.

Renee St-John – KORI Intern

There’s Hope in the Young People

Allow me to introduce myself: my name is Renee St-Jean, I am 24 years old, and I live in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. I am currently finishing my honours bachelor’s degree with a major in Psychology, a minor in Neuroscience, a concentration in Health Psychology, mental health and well-being. It has been a privilege to be an intern for KORI.

Lars Sellien - KORI Intern

The epidemic after the pandemic

I have spent the last few weeks reading my way through a lot of reports and inquiries ranging from official inquiries commissioned by the UK government to reports conducted by civil society groups or university or private research firms.

Joy Harvee

Travelling During Covid-19

Travelling during this period is especially challenging. We asked one of our young people about their experience of visiting family in Jamaica.

Rilee Clarke

The KORI Autumn Appeal

KORI was founded 18 years ago to create a haven for young people to flourish. We used youth work, the arts and travel as our main tools to create community and give support. Our doors were open to everyone but our focus was on supporting young people from African and Caribbean cultures. 

Amal Ahmed

Education in Quarantine

On the 16st March 2020, the UK government announced that they were implementing a nation-wide quarantine due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, this inevitably resulted in the closure of schools and universities across the country. 

Ujwala Ponduru

Internship at KORI

I have always been interested in humanitarian subjects. Thus, I graduated in the field of Political science and History from Delhi University, India…

free travel
Ella Marsh

Scrapping under 18s free travel – a social mobility issue?

Since 2006, London’s under 18s have been entitled to free bus and tram travel, along with half price discounted tube transport under a Zip Oyster Card…

Odiri Ighamre

Crafted Conversations

KORI are working with 20 young women, capturing their ‘Covid-19’ experience creatively. The sessions will be recorded and documented for an online book, illustrated by three young female painters. The recorded pieces will also be made into an audio piece….

Amal Ahmed

Higher Education and Me

As a young child my mother was always a huge advocate for higher education. An extremely bright young woman, in school, she was advanced by two academic years, excelling particularly in Maths…

12 Years of Education

Education is the key to success. The first years of our lives we are programmed to learn things that mostly don’t have anything to do with our “real” lives, such as Pythagoras theorem or algebra…
Odiri Ighamre

My Work is My Protest

I was observing the world for a long time before it evolved into what has become my life’s work. A 1964 African baby, born in Britain, my first experience of Africa in world news was the horror pictures from the Biafra war…
The art of Lonliness
Amal Ahmed

The Art of Loneliness

Loneliness is the catalyst to some of our worst thoughts and feelings and during this period of isolation as you can imagine there’s a lot of it going around. we try and ignore it when the sun begins to set and the outside world quietens for the evening, but much like its good friend anxiety, loneliness is always lurking…
impact of lockdown
Poppy Tomlinson

The impact of lockdown on young people living around us

Told to stay home for the ‘foreseeable future’ – our daily instincts
have been overpowered by a stomach grabbing anxiety.
Language used by the young people we work with…
UWE-Daigo update
Odiri Ighame

DAIGO Update

University of West England, Bristol students will be able to apply for Daigo 3 in March 2020. 
The DAIGO Project is a partnership providing education and skills in Africa, a collaboration that brings together  KORI Youth Charity with the University of West England, Bristol and the Daughters of Africa Foundation…
KORI pushing through
Odiri Ighame

KORI pushing through the crisis

The coronavirus crisis has hit London especially hard and KORI has worked hard to maintain contact with vulnerable mentees during the enforced isolation period. This has been especially difficult for young people, especially those already struggling with a range of challenges…
Forward UK event
Amal Ahmed

Forward UK Event

On the 29th of February, Forward UK hosted an exceptional program of Black Community leaders and community activist with the agenda of  ‘Strengthen our collective voices’ through an informative discourse on the systematic disenfranchisement of African Diasporic women. As a young BAME women myself, I find it imperative to contribute…
Amal Ahmed

Collage Arts

Collage Arts, based in Haringey, has led on art and artistic development in the borough for thirty years, providing workspace for 250 artists. They open opportunities for the whole community to engage with art through a range of programmes and projects; offering support services, exhibition opportunities, facilities and resources…
Odiri Ighame

Verizon Announcement

New partnership with Verizon Media who will provide inspiration days and two week work experience placements for BAME young people aged 18+ through KORI. Rumour also has it that a team of their media professionals also plan to volunteer with our Vessel UK programme!…

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