Not My Label

What is Not My Label?

Not My Label is the starting point of a young person’s journey into KORI Youth, where participants are supported in using creative ways to tackle personal challenges. At Not My Label, we offer acceptance, openness and a warm atmosphere to support young people who are surviving but not thriving in the “middle of the classroom”. We work with young people as individuals not labels to help them build supportive social networks, improve interpersonal skills, access support opportunities and engage in new and nourishing activities. Not My Label is a place where transformation begins.

What is Not My Label
Who is not my label for

Who is Not My Label for?

Not my Label is split into two groups that cover KORI’s age range 14-17 and 18-30. These two groups have different sessions during the week and are a pillar of support for young people as they join KORI. Our dedicated Youth Workers conduct a thorough assessment of young people, to better understand their circumstances and identify their unique interests and goals.
We then aim to build confidence and meaningful connections between young people through shared learning experiences and memories.

Not My Label’s Impact

Hundreds of young people have been able to gain access to:
  • Youth centred assessments
  • Counselling access
  • Wellbeing training
  • Creative workshops and cultural activities
  • Celebrations/Talks/Exhibitions/ Self Care activities/ Fun
  • Residentials – Nature Connection/ Confidence building Activities
  • City Trips – Connecting with Young people from other cities
  • Opportunities for leadership and increased responsibility
  • Referral to Blooming Minds for career and education Pathways
  • Advocacy on behalf of the young people and their parents/carers with external bodies (e.g. social workers and colleges)