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Space for change

Space for Change

This year we have just referred 3 of our KYAN members to Embercombe’s ‘Catalyst’ programme and they have been accepted! We have been referring young people to the ground breaking, therapeutic, personal development programme for over 10 years. We work in close partnership with Embercombe – based on a spectacular site in Exeter – selecting and pushing forward young people aged 18 to 25 years from across London. Participants in the Catalyst workout benefit, as it fully enables a more adult experience.

Making Steps

Mentor and Coach Demi Nurse works closely with 27 year old Max, who is keen to move on and find work that really develops him and creates a real career in customer services. Since finishing school and college Max has worked in a family business and is no longer sure of how to move forward. Demi will support and mentor Max through the development of a realistic year plan, taking him step by step closer to his dream, through one-to-one coaching and work experience placements. With Demi’s guidance, Max will find a role he enjoys and values.

Talent 'Reflex' in The Gambia

Kervarnie Tashay White is a 16 year old student from Friern Barnet School in London, who smashed it this January by delivering a Vessel UK leadership project in The Gambia. By his own admission he was really fearful of going anywhere in Africa, but his Mum was determined that he gained a real connection with the continent – and much needed inspiration – to help him deal with the challenges of being a young black man in London. In just 3 short weeks in The Gambia, he was able to volunteer at a 2 week environmental learning project in a secondary school, deliverer a short project on UK youth music to 18 youth and collaborate with young Gambian Rapper, Aladin, to create a song and accompanying music video from scratch!

‘I learned that I am talented and productive, I am a problem solver and I have perseverance. I have achieved by far the most I have ever achieved in such a short period in my life’

Informed Choice

Six form London student Noah, was unsure about the choice of architecture, seven years of study seemed a really long time. Being a member of KYAN he was hooked up with an architecture student at the University of West England, Bristol, where he spent a day experiencing the University’s teaching style. A few weeks later he spent a day on a live site with Architects at work. His mind was made up, architecture it was!


DAIGO Report 2020

Daigo 2 builds on the extraordinary success of the first Daigo project. This January 22 students from across the University of West England, Bristol, were trained and prepared for their delivery of 8 projects to over 300 participants in The Gambia!

Girls Time Poetry 2020

It has been a time to provide youth work and mentoring intertwined in this time of COVID 19 lockdown. This project we delivered for our partners, 'Youth Engagement Solutions,' provided a wonderful opportunity to discuss, reflect and support the creation of some wonderful poems with their 14-17 year old girls group.

KORI newsletter 2020

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Video library

Vessel UK Solar Installation

Architectural Lighting Engineer, Kerem Asfuroglu delivered his Vessel UK project in 2018. Having received Vessel UK Training that made sure he could use his professional skills to provide a relevant project that raised the employment skills of local Gambian electricians

Business Now Project Zaira Rasool

Vessel UK leader Zaira Rasool delivered her project ‘Business Now’ in The Gambia in 2018. The project focused on developing the skills and capacity of Gambians that were already leading small local businesses.

The Vessel UK Experience

Since 2004, The Vessel UK has enabled hundreds of individuals and many organisations to share their skills with participants in Tanzania, Kenya and The Gambia. For UK participants, the benefits include personal and professional development, global learning plus expanded project management and leadership skills.

Talent 'Reflex' in The Gambia

Kervarnie Tashay White is a 16 year old student from Friern Barnet School in London, who smashed it this January by delivering a Vessel UK leadership project in The Gambia. By his own admission he was really fearful of going anywhere in Africa.

KORI in Tanzania

Daigo Environmental Project

The Daigo Project, KORI’s partnership with the University of West England and Daughters of Africa Foundation produced this wonderful project that enabled environmental learning and magazine production development for 30 year eleven Gambian students.    

Living History - The Gambia 2019

As part of the first ‘Daigo’ project in June 2029, young filmmakers Pierre Amiral and Ebru Edgeworth filmed and directed this poignant sharing of the views of teenage Gambians.

Suli Architecture

Architecture students from University of West England teamed up with Gambian construction workers to learn together and create a eco-sound kiosk, for the selling of food in a children’s charity in The Gambia.

Kenya 2013-2014

In October 2013 The Vessel Programme began with six London based applicants who committed to a 9 month programme of planning, preparation and individual project development. The team successfully delivered their projects of Art, Creative Writing, Dance and Event Management to one hundred and forty children and young people In Meru, Kenya. The programme was focused on reciprocal learning and teaching for the advancement of youth development.

Media library

The month of Heroines: Odiri Ighamre (part 1)

” Are we born African or do we become one?”

The month of Heroines: Odiri Ighamre (part 2)

” Are we born African or do we become one?”

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