The KORI Autumn Appeal

The KORI Autumn Appeal

Rilee Clarke

The KORI Autumn Appeal

KORI was founded 18 years ago to create a haven for young people to flourish. We used youth work, the arts and travel as our main tools to create community and give support. Our doors were open to everyone but our focus was on supporting young people from African and Caribbean cultures. 

KORI and our work has evolved over time, but there is still so much more work to do. 

We know that young black people’s futures are worth investing in, but finding the funding for this has been a huge challenge. That is why today, we need your help to continue investing in our youth.

This October many young black people still need our support. They have been disproportionately hit by coronavirus on every level, from losing relatives to missing out on education. We need to enable them to thrive beyond this time. KORI’s core work is the provision of counselling, mentoring and respite especially essential as the demand for our services continues to drastically increase.

This appeal will help us to reach more young people across London in this time of crisis, so that we can support and nurture them, building their resilience as they move forward.

Here’s how your donation could help:

£20 could cover one hour of counselling for a young person who would not otherwise be able to afford it.

£100 could pay for a youth worker to spend one day giving our most vulnerable and hard to reach young people one to one support, either online or with socially distanced meetings.

£180 could pay for online or social distanced training for 12 young people to learn essential life skills such as how to improve and build their personal finances.

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